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Kanangra to Katoomba Walk (October 2001)

by Sandra Kelley

Having left our cars at Packsaddlers in the Megalong Valley, we journeyed to Kanangra Walls by way of the Wilderness Transit bus. We set up camp and went for a short walk to the lookout and the Kanangra Brooks Falls. Sunset provided us with spectacular views of the Walls.

Day 1 - we began walking across Seymour tops with fantastic views all around and Mt Cloudmaker on the distant horizon. To reach it we had to climb nine mountain tops or knolls with a combined elevation of six hundred metres (Craft Walls, Mt Berry, High and Mighty, Stormbreaker, Rip, Rack, Roar and Rumble). A very windy night and not much sleep.

Day 2 - at breakfast we were greeted by a lady walking in the area on her own - not something that I would recommend. A pleasant walk to Mt Strongleg and the beginning of a steep descent to Kanangaroo clearing (580 metres in one and a half kilometers). Karen was nearly knocked over on the way down by a very frightened wallaby, desperate to get away from us. That afternoon we explored the Kanangra Creek and the Cox's river after setting up the tents at a very nice camping spot.

Day 3 - After crossing the Cox's river we had a steep climb (500m) up Yellow Pup ridge to Yellow Dog Mountain. Whoever named the features in this area had a fetish for dogs - Brindle Pup, Howling Dog, Brown Dog, Spotted Dog, appearing on the map. We left our packs at the bottom of Mt Dingo and climbed up to Splendour Rock, Brett taking the more challenging route using a chain and spikes. Splendour Rock is well named, with splendid views from Lake Burragorang all the way back to Kanangra Walls far behind us. Water was scarce at Mobbs Soak, our campsite at the end of the day.

Day 4 - We left Mobbs Soak on our last day, hiked out to Blackhorse Ridge, then descended to Breakfast Creek and finally slogged up a weed-infested Carlon Creek to our cars for lunch. This is a classic Blue Mountains walk, and it was well worth doing.

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Kanangra Walls with Cloudmaker in the distance

Kanangra Walls and Crafts Walls

Kanangra Walls and our route to Cloudmaker

Kanangra Brook Falls

Kanangra Brook Falls 2

Kanangra Gorge

Thurat Spires

Crafts Walls

The ridge to Cloudmaker

Kanangra Wall

Fiona Wilmot and Ray Spratt in gully off Walls

Morning tea in overhang of Crafts Walls
Fiona Wilmot, Ray Spratt, Karen Davis, John Prior, Sandra Kelly and Yuriko Ball

Looking back to Kanangra Walls

High and Mighty

Resting on Rack Knoll

Bushwalking is a bloody business

Ti Willa Top and Byrne's Gap

Yerranderie Peak (left distance) and Mt Colong (right)

On top of Cloudmaker
(Brett took the photo and later edited himself into the picture using Photoshop)

Jennifer leading group in Tai-Chi

More Tai-Chi

More Tai-Chi

More Tai-Chi

About to descend Mt Strongleg

The last few metres of the Strongleg descent

Crossing Kanangra Creek

Campsite by Kanangra Creek

Kanangaroo Property

Complete with gas hot water

Karen crossing Kanangra Creek

Crossing the Cox's River

Fiona icing her knees
(Elle McPherson's legs Photoshopped in later)

On top of Mt Yellow Dog

Two bums with the "A" out of their pants

Yuriko takes a break

What happens when your digital camera runs out of batteries