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Accidents / Injuries / Incidents

* Definition of Incident:

An incident is any unusual occurrence that the club should be informed about, which includes but is not limited to: accidents and / or injuries to people on the activity; damage to property (i.e. car accidents, vandalism, fire); relevant dealings with private property owners and / or officials from government agencies such as the police, council, the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Rural Fire Service.

If there is an incident on a Shoalhaven Bushwalker club activity, the leader of the activity must fill in an Incident Report* as soon as practicable, and give it to any member of the club's committee who will eventually pass it on to the club archivist for storage in the club archives.

New incident reports are discussed at the next committee meeting to determine if the club needs to modify its procedures, or disseminate information to its members, to ensure that preventable incidents do not recur.

If a club member or visitor is injured on a walk, they should ensure that the walk leader completes an incident report. If you are injured on a club walk and wish to make a claim, you should contact the Conferation's broker to obtain a PA claim form within 30 days of the date of the incident. The contact name and number are shown below. Click here for a detailed explanation of how to claim.

Contact: Mr Fred Grima, Marsh Pty Ltd on: (02) 9761-7328

If you are injured on a walk and wish to claim insurance, it is extremely likely that proof (such as an incident report written by the walk leader detailing the accident and subsequent treatment) will be required to accompany the claim form, so it is in your interest to ensure that the walk leader completes an incident report.